Last minute deal - Berlin Skyline

  • Please be at the check-in desk of Terminal D/ Airport Berlin Schönefeld 120 min. prior to departure
  • Shuttle service in a Chrysler stretch limousine to the helicopter (on the airport premises)
  • Helicopter sightseeing flight Berlin City

Last minute deal - Berlin Skyline

Airport BER Terminal T1

TAXI~30 min     ÖPNV~35 min

Pure flying pleasure and a little palpitation is what you get when you take-off vertically to the sky. Your helicopter trip starts with our smiling stewardess giving you the boarding pass. We then accompany you to the Air Service Berlin stretch limousine where you can drink a glass of sparkling wine and watch the safety instructions on a screen in front of you.

Suddenly, between all the luxurious business jets, a bright red helicopter appears – your machine. Fasten your seat belt and put on your headset. The pilot looks happy? Ready for take-off!

This is the greatest moment: The helicopter takes off, stands still in the air for a few seconds before flying at high-speed over the airport to the city center of Berlin. You just started to recognize the agility of a helicopter when the pilot says the following: “You can see the skyline of Berlin in front of you.” The feeling of being higher than all of the observation towers of the city is simply overwhelming. Everything between the TV Tower and the Radio Tower seems to be so small, yet so close.

The pilot communicates with the control tower before he makes a turn and slowly returns to the airport. Back at the terminal, you receive a personal flight certificate, signed by our pilot – a lasting memory of this special day.

Skip The Line

We offer you a late check-in - you can appear at the counter 60 minutes instead of 120 minutes before departure. You can go through the security check at the priority lane. Flights from BER Airport can be booked with Skip The Line!
18,00 €

Premium Service

Our Premium Service includes Skip The Line, Priority Boarding and a personal Premium Bag with piccolo and snacks. Flights from BER Airport can be booked with Premium Service!
26,00 €

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