Exclusive Ascent in the Welt Balloon

  • Exclusive ascent over the Berlin city center
  • Duration: approx. 20 minutes including ascent and descent
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience with a breathtaking view
  • The Welt Balloon exclusively for you and your partner or friends - the pilot is the only other person present

Exclusive Ascent in the Welt Balloon

Zimmerstraße 95, Berlin-Mitte

TAXI~5 min     ÖPNV~15 min

The ascent for a special moment!
It has to be romantic, it has to be special - maybe even a wedding propsal over the clouds in the beautiful city of Berlin?

Wether you have a special agenda or just wanna enjoy the view, unbothered by the crowds: the exclusive ascent with our Welt Balloon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Apart from you and your loved ones only the pilot is present on the view platform of the Welt Balloon.
We at Air Service Berlin let you fly high!

Admire the breathtaking skyline and historical buildings of Berlin from above.
Enjoy the unique experience, feel the wind in your hair and forget about the rest of the world for a moment - up here, at this unforgettable moment only you and your partner matter.

(For more detailed information and booking requests please contact Miss Petra Looks at 0049 30 22 66 788 37.)

Frequently Asked Questions


Prices upon request

Additional information

If the wheelchair has taller-than-standard dimensions kindly contact us upfront at 0049 30 22 66 788 12.

Max. number of participants

Exclusive ascent for a minimum of 2 people.
On the platform there is space for up to 30 people. (Ideal for anniversaries, marriage proposals, weddings, birthday celebrations and more)

Point of departure

Am Checkpoint Charlie
Zimmerstraße 95-100 (at the corner of Wilhelmstr.)
10117 Berlin
(you can reach us by car or by subway / U-Bahn, U2 Mohrenstraße, U6 Kochstraße)

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