Helicopter flight
Berlin Skyline
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Last update: Monday, 04 July 2022 15:50

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Not the ground wind, but the wind speed at a height of 150 meters is important for the driving operation. If it is expected that the wind will gets gusty or exceed the values of 13 meters per second, the driving operation must be set before the wind speed is reached.

Storm / Weather warning
Due to thunderstorms or severe weather warnings, the balloon must be specially secured in advance. For this reason, the driving operation must be set well before the start of the gusts. The balloon will be secured in a low mooring.

The balloon is approved in accordance with the basics of the European Aviation Safety Agency by the number FK-5500 / STU. The maintenance rhythms shall be guaranteed in a procedure approved by the Federal Aviation Authority. During the temporal control of the jack, gondola and enclosure, the balloon remains on the ground.

In operation
We are looking forward to welcoming you in the gondola of the “Welt”balloon. Our balloon is in operation as long as the weather conditions permit. A spectacular view awaits you in the middle of the German capital. It is the most exiting platform in Berlin.